Waterproofing boot wax of superior quality. All natural blend of beeswax and lanolin oil provides excellent protection from the elements as well as condition and preserve leather by preventing cracking drying, and maintaining natural fibers.

Protect Your Boots with the Best Boot Wax.

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Why Condition your Leather Footwear?

Boots are the foundation of your outdoor's and work gear, as such you subject them to more abuse than any other item in your arsenal.

You literally beat them against the ground into water, salt, dirt, grease, and grime thousands upon thousands of times.

When leather gets wet, it loses its natural oils drys out then loses it's flexibility. The leathers fiberous membrane will lose its integrity then start to crack and eventually break down.  Once this happens it is lost and needs to be replaced.

Vagrant boot wax prevents this breakdown.

  • I used vagrant boot wax on a new pair of hunting boots. Easy to apply and soaks in Great. Got out my old Danners and they came Alive again. The Best I have ever used.

  • I work in a factory constantly walking through standing water and nasty sludge, there's nothing worse then wet feet on a 12 hr work day. This stuff is a game changer keeps my feet dry and helps my boots last.

  • I recently purchased Vagrants waterproofing bootwax and I am extremely satisfied with its protection benefits. This product has proven to be incredibly effective in keeping my boots waterproof, even in heavy rain and wet conditions. It forms a strong protective layer that repels water and prevents it from seeping through the leather.